Reviews Smoke BBQ - Sheffield

Address: 1 St Paul's Pl, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2NB, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 114 331 0331

Business type: Barbecue restaurant

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Smoke BBQ stands out as a barbecue restaurant due to its commitment to BIG flavors, quality meats, and memorable meals. They offer authentic American BBQ with expert guidance from seasoned BBQ chefs, making it a true home BBQ champ experience.

Customers can expect to experience true American BBQ at Smoke BBQ. They can enjoy hands-on BIG flavors and indulge in low and slow ribs, brisket, and more. The menu offers a wide variety of choices with delicious food and friendly service.

A customer shared their positive experience at Smoke BBQ, mentioning that they have been coming since it opened and still love it. They praised the great menu with lots of choices, delicious food, very friendly team, and great prices with big portions.

A customer mentioned that their server, Liam, did a wonderful job at Smoke BBQ. They highlighted Liam's impressive customer service skills and his recommendation for a sharing platter. The customer also mentioned that they were welcomed warmly and found a table even though they were late.

Customers have described the dining experience at Smoke BBQ as exceptional, with food that was beautiful and delicious. The meat melted in their mouth from the first bite to the last, and the beverages were also very nice. Another visit to Smoke BBQ is definitely on the cards for them.

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