Which transfer between Southend airport and London?

Which transfer between Southend airport and London?

Located 65km east of London, Southend is the sixth airport in the capital that some low-cost companies use to relieve congestion at airports in Heathrow et Gatwick.

Given the location and size of this airport, the alternatives for making a transfer are fewer but give the choice between taxi, TREKKING, train or bus.

Which means of transport to choose and what are the advantages and disadvantages for each of them?


Southend Airport Taxi

Andrews taxis - the official company of Southend Airport - provide transfers to central London 7/7.


The mini-cab with Six ride

Which transfer between Southend airport and London?

Mini-cabs offer more attractive prices than taxis with a similar service. Another strong point with mini-cabs, the price is fixed and does not vary even if there is traffic. However, unlike black cabs, you have to remember to book your journey and preferably your place of residence so as not to incur additional costs on your telephone subscription.

You can book your transfer several months in advance via the Sixt ride website.

Valid code until June 30, 2020 included for for new customers de Sixt ride.



The train

From 4:00 a.m. to 23:00 p.m., a 55-minute train connects Southend Airport to Liverpool Street Station, located in the City district. Train frequencies vary from every 20 minutes Monday through Saturday to 30 minutes Sunday.

You can book your transfer directly on the website of trainline. Please note, in order to have the price of an airport / Liverpool Street Station trip in London and not that of the city of Liverpool, mark well London Liverpool Street in the "To" box.


The bus

The bus is by far the most tedious and long solution… count 3h30 to find the center of London !!!! In addition, if you need to reach Stansted Airport, the X30 bus line runs between the two airports.



Only two real alternatives to connect London from Southend airport: the mini-cab and the train. If you are looking for an inexpensive trip without traffic jams choose the train. On the other hand, if your priority is not to walk and to be dropped off in front of your hotel, prefer the mini-cab which offers more attractive prices than a taxi.

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