The "Mini Cabs" or VTC (vehicle with private driver) are an alternative to black-cab and have the advantage of being 30% cheaper than traditional taxis or black cabs. However, their use may seem more restrictive because they cannot be taken spontaneously in the street.

What are the advantages and strengths, but also their limitations? On the way !!

What is a “Mini-Cab”?

The "Mini-Cabs" are private taxis - the equivalent of our TREKKING -, available only by pre-reservation and for which the fare is defined in advance. Thus, no counters running and unpleasant surprises on arrival!


How is the price of a “Mini-Cab” trip calculated?

The price is based on distance, no matter how long it takes!


How to book a "Mini-Cab"?

Unlike black cabs which can be hailed in the street, "mini-cabs" must be reserved in advance by phone or on the internet, up to 3 months in advance for some companies.
To book, download the application and complete your profile (name, telephone and bank details).


What happens after booking your "Mini-Cab"?

Once your reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation email or a notification on the company application notifying you of the price as well as information concerning the vehicle (registration, type and color of the car).


How to recognize an official "Mini-Cab"?

All private driver vehicles must have a license issued by Transport for London and stuck on the windshield and rear.
Warning ! Mini-cabs without a reservation and without a license are illegal in London. Not having insurance, using them will expose you to a real danger 🙁

The companies of "mini-cabs" use modern and comfortable sedans or vans.

The mini-cabs accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or even cash.

Although less expensive than the black-cabs, the reservation service to which the mini-cabs are constrained represents for the tourist and a source of additional cost. Indeed, a reservation requires a call or an internet connection which will increase your telephone bill when you return.

There is only one solution to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your return from London: an-ti-ci-per !!
The best plan is to book your trip either from home or using the Wi-Fi of your hotel or restaurant.


What are the official "Mini-Cab" companies?




For your information here are some official companies:
- Kabee: price comparison of the best official min-cab companies in London.
- Minicabit: another comparator.
- Sixt: private driver company
- Blacklane: a Berlin-based company that offers high-end chauffeur-driven car services.

 Valid code until June 30, 2020 included  for for new customers de Sixt ride.




Thanks to rates 30% cheaper than taxis, “Mini-Cabs” or VTCs are very popular in London. However, prices may vary depending on supply and demand. This is particularly the case during strikes metro where the prices of VTC trips can soar by more than 300%!

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